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Supermarket AB-VASILOPOULOS in LefkadaSupermarket AB-VASILOPOULOS in Lefkada (8)
Supermarket AB-VASILOPOULOS in StamataSupermarket AB-VASILOPOULOS in Stamata (4)
ETHEL (City Busses) Bus DepotETHEL (City Busses) Bus Depot (4)
AMVIX SA in MarkopouloAMVIX SA in Markopoulo (6)
ANATRON SA in Ano LiosiaANATRON SA in Ano Liosia (7)
ASIMAKOPOULOS & Co Warehouse in AspropirgosASIMAKOPOULOS & Co Warehouse in Aspropirgos (5)
ATHENS METROPOLITAN EXPO Exhibition Centre in El. Venizelos AirportATHENS METROPOLITAN EXPO Exhibition Centre in El. Venizelos Airport (14)
Beach Volley Olympic Field in FaliroBeach Volley Olympic Field in Faliro (4)
ROBERT BOSCH Construction in SpataROBERT BOSCH Construction in Spata (8)
CALATRAVA Bridge in Mesogeion AvenueCALATRAVA Bridge in Mesogeion Avenue (5)
CANOE KAYAK SLALOM Olympic Field in EllinikoCANOE KAYAK SLALOM Olympic Field in Elliniko (7)
DEI (Electricity Power Unit) in MegalopoliDEI (Electricity Power Unit) in Megalopoli (3)
Shopping Centre in LarisaShopping Centre in Larisa (6)
FACTORY OUTLET (Shopping Centre) in El. Venizelos AirportFACTORY OUTLET (Shopping Centre) in El. Venizelos Airport (8)
FILIANOS SA Construction in South EviaFILIANOS SA Construction in South Evia (7)
Railway Bridge in ZevgolatioRailway Bridge in Zevgolatio (8)
General Hospitan in CorfuGeneral Hospitan in Corfu (24)
GOLDEN HALL Shopping Centre in AthensGOLDEN HALL Shopping Centre in Athens (15)
KOMVOS (Technical Car Control) Unit in Kifisias AvenueKOMVOS (Technical Car Control) Unit in Kifisias Avenue (5)
IERA ODOS Night Club in AthensIERA ODOS Night Club in Athens (4)
Ministries in Thivon Avenue-AthensMinistries in Thivon Avenue-Athens (19)
JKG Private Building in Markopoulo-AthensJKG Private Building in Markopoulo-Athens (11)
KATSONIS Property Building in MetamorfosiKATSONIS Property Building in Metamorfosi (13)
KONSTADAKATOU BROS Warehouse Expansion in AvlonaKONSTADAKATOU BROS Warehouse Expansion in Avlona (4)
KRASAKIS Warehouse in ThessalonikiKRASAKIS Warehouse in Thessaloniki (6)
LIDL Logistic Warehouse in CyprusLIDL Logistic Warehouse in Cyprus (12)
Supermarket LIDL in ThessalonikiSupermarket LIDL in Thessaloniki (7)
G.MAVROUDIS Private Building in AspropirgosG.MAVROUDIS Private Building in Aspropirgos (13)
MENDIS & Co Plant in CorfuMENDIS & Co Plant in Corfu (6)
MERCEDES BENZ Central Commercial Warehouse in AspropirgosMERCEDES BENZ Central Commercial Warehouse in Aspropirgos (29)
PAPASTRATOS Unit in AspropirgosPAPASTRATOS Unit in Aspropirgos (13)
PAPASTRATOS 2 Unit in AspropirgosPAPASTRATOS 2 Unit in Aspropirgos (12)
GF ENERGY Bio Oil Production Factory in Ag. TheodoroiGF ENERGY Bio Oil Production Factory in Ag. Theodoroi (5)
Archaeological Museum of Ancient IlidaArchaeological Museum of Ancient Ilida (3)
Archaeological Museum of PirgosArchaeological Museum of Pirgos (6)
OTE (Telecommunications Company) Materials Administration Centre in ParnithaOTE (Telecommunications Company) Materials Administration Centre in Parnitha (16)
Eye Hospital in GlifadaEye Hospital in Glifada (5)
PAPASTRATOS 3 Unit in AspropirgosPAPASTRATOS 3 Unit in Aspropirgos (7)
PERAMAX SA in Ano LiosiaPERAMAX SA in Ano Liosia (8)
PHARMACON WarehousesPHARMACON Warehouses (6)
POLYECO SA Industrial Building in AspropirgosPOLYECO SA Industrial Building in Aspropirgos (5)
SIEMENS AG Suburban Train Station in PeiraeusSIEMENS AG Suburban Train Station in Peiraeus (5)
PSEKA SA in ShimatariPSEKA SA in Shimatari (11)
PALLAS Theatre in AthensPALLAS Theatre in Athens (6)

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Methodologically and with consequence, New Steel Protection is a guarantee in the field of work that is activated, providing services and work of high quality in big Greek and foreign technical companies and organisms.

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